about Time: Poems and Other Stories

by Robert Nichols, ©2015
about Time by Robert Nichols Read an excerpt of about Time: Poems and Other Stories by Robert Nichols about Time: Poems and Other Stories is the first in a series of collections of works spanning over fifty years of creation by poet, novelist, singer, picker, sculptor, spirit-drummer Robert Nichols. To his readers, Robert would say, "If you don't understand this, it isn't poetry." He believes the artist must connect with the audience for art to happen. Thus it is that he has strived to give his stories, reflections, and musings about matters primal, personal, and Cosmic an intimate, arching leap to the universal – from one heart to all the hearts in the world.

"If these poems and tales don't get you laughing, crying, and contemplating the giddy-vast sweet sorrows, and joys of your own life, I've wasted my life writing them."

And, about time...

Time is just rhythm, you know.
It's hours, sun, and seasons.
The pulse of a song,
a heart,
Tap you toes,
Maybe dance to it.

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