Summer Words, 2000

by Robert Nichols, ©2001
Summer Words, 2000 by Robert Nichols Read an excerpt of Summer Words, 2000 by Robert Nichols One of the greatest obstacles to art is big ideas.

June of 2000 was a time in my creative life of huge concepts and no products. The dreaded writer's block had stilled the clatter of my keyboard, the flow of my pen. Every time I tried to start something, the complexity, the mass of the idea stifled action.

So, I tried a different approach. Instead of commencing years of work on a new book, I determined that I would write a complete 200-word essay every day for the coming summer. Forget the Nobel Prize for Literature for a while, I would write about whatever the moment conjured and get something on paper and finished.

The idea worked. This book is the product of that summer's work.

I did most of the original writings for Summer Words, 2000 while eating breakfasts at various fine venues of cholesterol and coffee, primarily in the Denver area. It was possible to write each day knowing that if all else failed, I could simply knock off 200 words describing the world about me, the taste of bacon, or the fit of the waitress' blue jeans. Fortunately, once the mantle of profundity was put aside, I knew no shortage of topics through which to vent my art.

And the product of this limited approach – some of my best work.