The Great Book of Bob

by Robert Nichols, ©2009
The Great Book of Bob by Robert Nichols Read an excerpt of The Great Book of Bob by Robert Nichols I wrote this book for you; but it's about me.

Sounds a tad narcissistic, doesn't it? What gives me, a virtual nobody, the audacity to think my stories justify publication, much less, the valuable time and attention of a reader?

Simple. Forget the monarchs and conquerors, the tabloid movie stars, the mythic movers and shakers who have so thoroughly trashed our planet. If there is decency in the world, if there is truly a venue where peace and love may thrive, if there is any semblance of a soul to the collective character of the human race, it resides in the compassion, kindness and laugher of the small lives most of us live. If there is passion in this life, look to the eyes, sense the touch, know the trust of your lover. You don't need to be Hollywood stars to be hot. If there is laughter in this life, it is shared by you and your neighbor over the fence, your toiling peer in the next cubicle, your friend across the table at McDonalds.

Our stories are as grand as Love. They are profound and integral components of Universal Consciousness. And, most significantly, they are as ordinary as a drive to the 7-11 for a large Slurpee and a hotdog.

In The Great Book of Bob, I tell some of the tales, experiences, and ideas that have led me to believe each of us matters on an unimaginably vast scale.

That includes you, My Reader. You.